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Table of Contents, Year XXXVI, 1994



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Enlarging the European Union

The Federalist

The Future of Schools in the Age of the Scientific Mode of Production and World Unification

Franco Spoltore


Can We Delegate the Founding of the European Federation?

Francesco Rossolillo

Europe in a Changing World Economy

Alfonso Jozzo and Corrado Magherini


Post-Maastricht Strategies

Wolfgang Wessels

Federalism in the Constitutional Debates in Russia of 1992-1993: A Review

Sergej A. Beliaev
Thirty Years Ago

The Defence of Europe and the Significance of Nuclear Weapons

Mario Albertini



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Neo-fascists in the Italian Government

The Federalist


European Citizenship and European Identity

Guido Montani


Education and Training in the Delors Plan

Marita Rampazi

The Challenge for Europe: Reducing the Working Week

Alfonso Jozzo

Federal Institutions and Urban Policy

Domenico Moro


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The Timing of European Unification

The Federalist


The Problem of Underdevelopment in the Era of World Unification

Domenico Moro


The Identity of the Individual Between Ideology and Reason

Nicoletta Mosconi

Boutros Boutros-Ghali “Agenda for Development”

Franco Spoltore

Federalist Action

1996: Europe Between Federalism and Nationalism

Francesco Rossolillo

Federalism in the History of Thought

Abbé de Saint-Pierre

Franco Spoltore


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