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Table of Contents, Year XXXVIII, 1996



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Should the construction of Europe fail

The Federalist

Democracy, Regionalism and the Search for Pax Africana

Ali A. Mazrui


The Process of Latin American Integration

Jean-Francis Billion

The Right to Justice and the Right to Peace

Franco Spoltore

Thirty Years Ago

The Strategy of the Struggle for Europe

Mario Albertini



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The End of Politics?

The Federalist


The Club of Florence and the Intergovernmental Conference for the Revision of the Maastricht Treaty

Sergio Pistone

The World Federalist Movements from 1955 to 1968 and the European Integration

Jean-Francis Billion


Internationalism and education

Silvia Sandrini

Federalism in the History of Thought

Dante Alighieri

Antonio Padoa-Schioppa


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The Long Path Towards the World Federation

The Federalist


Wheare's Federal Government and Europe Today

John Pinder

The Origins of Modern Federalism: the "Covenant" in American History

Lorenzo Petrosillo, Elio Smedile


Tolerance and the Multicultural Society

Nicoletta Mosconi

France and Germany at the Crossroads

Franco Spoltore
Federalist Action

For a European Constituent Assembly

Francesco Rossolillo


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