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Table of Contents, Year XLII, 2000



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Editorial Europe and World Trade
The Federalist
Essays The Euro and the Dollar. Towards a World Monetary System
Antonio Mosconi

Europe and the New Lomé Convention
Domenico Moro


Does Interdependence Equal Unification?
Nicoletta Mosconi



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Editorial A Call for the Creation of a Federal Core
The Federalist
Essays Federalism
Mario Albertini

The Federal Prospect of Federalism in the Schuman Declaration
Sergio Pistone

Global Interdependence and the Crisis of Statehood
Luisa Trumellini

Thirty Years Ago

Why Build Europe?
Francesco Rossolillo



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Editorial American Economic Power and the Division of Europe
The Federalis
Essays The Debate between American Federalists and Antifederalists from 1787 to 1800 and Its Current Situation
Franco Spoltore

The Crisis of the State as a Criterion in Historical and Political Analysis
Nicoletta Mosconi

The Nature and Site of Sovereignty
Allan Matthews

Federalist Action

A Federal Constitution for Europe

Federalism in the History of Thought

Ortega Y Gasset
The Revolution of the Masses

Edited by Nicoletta Mosconi


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