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Table of Contents, Year L, 2008



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Editorial Politcs at a Crossroad
The Federalist
Essays Mario Albertini’s Reflections on a Critical Reworking of Historical Materialism
Luisa Trumellini

Altiero Spinelli and the European Social-Economic Model
Alberto Majocchi

What Freedom for Europe?
Bernard Barthalay



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Editorial Peace and the new Dimension of the Nuclear Threat
Essays The Democratic Principles of the European Union in the Treaty of Lisbon
Ugo Draetta

Federation or Cooperation?
Giulia Rossolillo


Sovereignty and the European Federal Constitution. New Perspectives on Sovereignty in a Multilevel Scheme of Constitutionalism
Markus Kotzur

Thirty Years Ago

A Discourse for Young Federalists
Mario Albertini



Number 3
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Editorial The Significance of the Battle for a European Federal State
Essays Overcoming the Intergovernmental Conference Method in the Reform of the Treaties: What Further Steps Towards a Constituent Phase are Possible?
Salvatore Aloisio

The Financial Crisis and New Economic Balances: the Risks of Europe's Absence
Anna Costa


The Future of the Nation-State in the Era of Globalisation
Keith Suter

Federalist Action

Notes on the State of European Federalism and on the Urgency (and Difficulty) of Getting It Started Again
Franco Spoltore


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