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Table of Contents, Year XXXIX, 1997


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Mario Albertini

The Federalist

A Macro-economic Setting Favourable to Employment?

Jaques Defay


Globalization and New Inequalities: the Limits of the Human Development Report 1996

Domenico Moro

The Solid Core and Reinforced Co-operation

Francesco Rossolillo

Peace and Disarmament

Franco Spoltore

Thirty Years Ago

The Fast Track to Europe

Mario Albertini



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The European Council in Amsterdam

The Federalist


European Constitutional Heritage: A Condition for European Constitutional Law

Dominique Rousseau


Peace through Law

Luisa Trumellini

Federalism, Deficit and the New World Order

France Spoltore


Rethinking Euro-Atlantic Federalism

Oleg Abolin

Federalist Action

Political Report at 17th Congress of UEF

Francesco Rossolillo
Federalism in the History of Thought

Thomas Paine

Franco Spoltore


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New Problems, Old Alignments

The Federalist


The European Government of the Economy

Guido Montani


Change of Method in European Integration: A Constitution instead of Diplomatic Treaties

Hartmut Marhold

NATO-Russia Pact and Enlargement of NATO

Nicoletta Mosconi


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