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Table of Contents, Year XXX, 1988

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Editorial The Problem of Security in the Nuclear Age
The Federalist
Essays Ecu and Rouble: towards a New International Monetary Order
Alfonso Jozzo

The European Federalist Movement's Criticism of the Treaties of Rome
Sergio Pistone

European Law and National Constitutional Law
Feancesco Rossolillo

Federalism and Political Thought of Cristian Inspiration
Gianfranco Martini

Proposals for a European Ecological Movement
Ludo Dierickx

"Planetary Man"
Carlo Ernesto Meriano

Unbalanced Growth and the International Market: The Case of European Regional Politics
Francesco Praussello


The International System and Centralizing Dynamics in Today's Federal State
Edmond Orban

Federalism in the History of Thought

Giuseppe Antonio Borgese
Joseph Preston Baratta


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Editorial From Détente to Peace
The Federalist
Essays The Posthoumous Writings of Walter Lipgens on the History of European Unification
Sergio Pistone

Protection and Validation of European Resources
Emilio Gerelli

The Cost of Non Europe
Dario Velo

I problemi della pace Peace and Defence of Environment
Nicoletta Mosconi
Interventions Hamilton and Proudhonian Federalists: Synergy not Conflict
John Pinder
Discussions Clarence Streit and the Idea of the Union of Democracies
Joseph Preston Baratta
Federalism in the History of Thought

Ludvig Dehio
Luigi V. Majocch


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Editorial Traditional Détente and Innovative Détente
The Federalist
Essays The Bolshevik Revolution and Federalism
Guido Montani

Referendum on the European Union and National Constitutions
Francesco Rossolillo

Bolshevism, Nazism and the Crisis in the Nation State
Sergio Pistone

  European Union and European Community: Two Incompatible Institutional Systems?
Antonio Padoa Schioppa
Interventions Nation States and a New International System
Tibor Palnkai
Discussions Conretizing the Path Toward World Government
Ira Straus
Federalist Action
A Joint WAWF-UEF Appeal to Gorbachev and Reagan
Federalism in the History of Thought Jean Monnet
Giovanni Vigo


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