Table of Contents, Year XLVI, 2004



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Editorial The Decline of Europe
Essays The Saga of the European Federalists During and After the Second World War
Jean-Pierre Gouzy
Federalism in the History of Thought

European Resistance for European Unity
Prefaced and edited by Nicoletta Mosconi



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Editorial Iraq and the Responsibilities of Europe towards the Middle East
Essays Economic Policy in the European Constitution
Alberto Majocchi

Federalist's Strategy and Campaign towards the Europen Constitution
Guido Montani

The Aims of European Foreign Policy and the Features of Europe's Defence System
Sergio Pistone

  For an Alternative Strategy: a Federal Core in a Europe of Concentric Circles
Paolo Vacca
Transcript of the report to the UEF Congress



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Editorial Beyond the Secular State
Essays Putin’s Russia
Luisa Trumellini

The War on Terror and the Future of the United States
Franco Spoltore


United Nations or Dangerous Illusions
Guido Bersellini

Thirty Years Ago Harmonization of Budgetary Policies in a Monetary Union
A Critical Analysis of the Werner Report

Alberto Majocchi