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Table of Contents, Year XLVIII, 2006



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Editorial The Energy Problem and Economic Nationalism
The Federalist
Essays The Europe of Melancholy
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

The Crises of the Middle East and the Responsibilities of Europe
Sante Granelli


China, Mercosur and an Absentee: Europe
Stefano Spoltore


Becoming Flexible to Keep it Togheter: the Logic and the Pitfalls Behind the Concept of Differentiated Integration
Hajnalka Vincze

Thirty Years Ago

The European Election, European Government and a European State
Mario Albertini



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Editorial The Legacy of Altiero Spinelli
The Federalist
Essays The Principles of Action of the Ventotene Manifesto
Mario Albertini

The Manifesto of the European Federalists
Altiero Spinelli

The New Course
Altiero Spinelli

  Towards the European Union
Altiero Spinelli



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Editorial How to Respond to the Crisis of the European Union
The Federalist
Essays The Project for a Political Europe on the Wake of the 2005 French Referendum
Christophe Chabrot

The Feasibility of a United States of Europe in an Enlarged European Union
Ralph Alexander Lorz

Federal Core and European Union
Giulia Rossolillo


“Differentiated Integration”: an Alternative Path to Classical Integration?
Peter Zervakis



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