political revue


Table of Contents, Year XLIV, 2002



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Editorial The Tragedy of the Middle East
The Federalist
Essays The Role of Regional Parliaments in the Process of Regional Integration: The Case of the Central American Parliament.
Joannis F. Papageorgiou

Thoughts on the Strategy of Federalists in the Constituent Phase
Nicoletta Mosconi

World Order and Climate Change
Franco Spoltore


The New American Policy for Defence and Security
Luisa Trumellini


Sovereignty, Self-Government and Global Government: a World Federalist Perspective
John O. Sutter

Thirty Years Ago

Political Report by the President of the Bureau Exécutif, Mario Albertini



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Editorial Culture and Power
The Federalist
Essays Europe in 2002
Ugo Draetta

Self-Determination or Self-Government?
Alfonso Sabatino


Building Europe or Writing a "Constitution"?
Francesco Rossolillo


Against Euroscepticism
Andrea Chiti-Batelli


Alexandre Marc. Personalism at the Service of Europe
Bertrand Vayssière

Federalism in the History of Thought

Alexander Hamilton
The defects of our Present System

Prefaced and edited by Franco Spoltore



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Editorial Mario Albertini
Essays Mario Albertini in the History of Federalist Thought
John Pinder

The Ethical Foundations of Politics
Salvatore Veca

The Role of Federalists
Francesco Rossolillo


A European Economic Constitution
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa


Federalism from Community to the World
Lucio Levi


Federalism and Raison d’État
Sergio Pistone