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Table of Contents, Year XXXV, 1993



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European Citizenship and Post-National Identity

The Federalist

Micronationalism and Federalism

Guido Montani


Latin American Federalism

Jean-Francis Billion

Prospects for Globalization and the Controlled Use of Protectionism as a Means of Integration

Dario Velo

Federalist Action

The Responsibility of Europe in the World and the Role of the Federalists

Movimento Federalista Europeo
Federalism in the History of Thought

Arnold J. Toynbee

Antonio Mosconi


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Europe and the crisis in Yugoslavia

The Federalist


European Citizenship and the New Rights for Union Citizens

Francesco Mazzaferro


European Citizenship, Cosmopolitan Citizenship and International Democracy

Lucio Levi

The Formation of a Common Thought

Nicoletta Mosconi


Aspects of Transformation in the Russian Federation

Igor Kossikov

Federalist Action

Movement, Party or Pressure group?

Sante Granelli

The Crisis of EMS

Mario Albertini

Federalism in the History of Thought

The Movimiento Pro Federación Americana

Jean-Francis Billion



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Interdependence and Cultural Identity

The Federalist


From Milan to Maastricht: Fifty Years of Federalist Struggle for Uniting of Europe

John Pinder

Will We Be Able to Renounce Winning?

Carlo Maria Martini

The Milan Manifesto

Maurice Duverger


Which Constitution for Europe?

Antonio Padoa-Schioppa

Thirty Years Ago

For a Regulated Use of National and Supranational Terminology

Mario Albertini


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