political revue


Table of Contents, Year XXXIII, 1991


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A Just War?
The Federalist
Essays Considerations on the European Community and the New World Order
Lucio Levi

The World Federalist Movements from 1945 to 1954 and European Integration
Jean-Francis Billion


Europe and the United States: Lessons of the Gulf
Emanuele Itta

Federalist Action

Notes on the Institutional Reform of the EEC and on Political Union
Antonio Padoa Schioppa

Federalism in the History of Thought
Kenneth C. Wheare
Prefaced and edited by Luigi V. Majocchi


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Editorial Federalism and Self-determination
The Federalist
Essays Europe: a World Power or a Model for the World?
Francesco Rossolillo

The Role of Federalists in the New World Situation
Stefano Castagnoli

The Gulf War, the UN and the New World Order
Lucio Levi


The ECU and the Beginning of the New World Economic Order
Alfonso Jozzo

Federalism: the Pessimism of Intelligence and the Optimism of Will
Rosario Pinto

  Europe and the Policy of World Unification
Sergio Pistone
Thirty Years Ago
Four Commonplaces and a Conclusion on the European Summit
Mario Albertini


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Editorial The European Summit at Maastricht
The Federalist
Essays What is Internationalism?
Lucio Levi

The Ventotene Manlfesto in the Era of World Unification
Guido Montani


The Centralisation of the European Community
Francesco Rossolillo


On the Question of a Strategy for the ECU: a Comment
Silvio Beretta

Federalist Action

History Will not Wait for Europe
Mario Albertini

Federalism in the History of Thought Edward H. Carr
Prefaced and edited by Luigi Vittorio Majocchi