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Table of Contents, Year XL, 1998



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Editorial Europe and Immigration
The Federalist
Essays The Institutional Reforms of the Amsterdam Treaty
Antonio Padoa-Schioppa

Regional Unifications and Reform of the United Nations Security Council
Lucio Levi

Aspects of the Evolution of European Unification in the Project Presented by the Commission for Constitutional Reform Instituted by the Italian Parliament
Salvatore Aloisio


The Problems of Federalism in the Former Soviet Union
Sergei A. Baliaev

Federalism, Regionalisation and Globalisation. Africa
J. Isawa Elaigwu

Federalism in the History of Thought

Immanuel Kant
Roberto Castaldi


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Editorial Sovereignty and the European Currency
The Federalist
Essays The Theory of the Nation
Lucio Levi

A Profile of European Integration
Giovanni Vigo

Spinelli Monnet Albertini
John Pinder

Notes The Twentieth Century as Interpreted by Ernst Nolte
Sergio Pistone

Ideology, Utopia and Religion
Andrea Chiti-Batelli


Federalism and Citizenship
Francesco Rossolillo


The Regionalisation of Post-Soviet Space: Political and Economic Aspect
Igor Kossikov and Lidia Kossikova


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Editorial Moving Towards a World System of States
The Federalist
Essays The New Challenges for Europe After the Monetary Union
Karl Lamers

Towards the Monetary Union: A Comparison of Two Methods
Guido Montani


Ernesto Rossi and the Ventotene Manifesto
Lucio Levi


Sovereign Yet Interdependent: The Future of the G7
Domenico Moro


The Welfare State and the Future of Europe
Francesco Rossolillo


Rethinking World Citizenship
Keith Suter

Thirty Years Ago

At the Crossroads Between the Nations and Europe
Mario Albertini


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