political revue


Table of Contents, Year XXVIII, 1986

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Editorials Altiero Spinelli, Hero of Reason
Mario Albertini

The Federalist

European Union: Character in Search of an Author
Giulio Andreotti

Europe on the Threshold of Union
Mario Albertini


The Mediterranean Crisis and Europe’s Responsibility
Mario Albertini

Active Participation in the European Left is the Only Alternative to the Decline of the Italian Communist Party (PCI)
Guido Montani

The Metamorphoses of Europe
Bernard Barthalay

Federalism in the History of Thought

Lord Lothian
The Federalist


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Editorial The Roads towards World Federation
The Federalist
Essays The World Economy and the Scientific Mode of Production
Guido Montani

Jean Rous and Federalism
Jean-Francis Billion, Jean-Luc Prevel

Keynesianism and Welfare on an International Scale: Remarks on a Worldwide Plan for Employment and Development
Franco Praussello

  “The White Rose” Forty Years on
Antonio Longo
  Light and Darkness after Montego Bay
Federalist Action
European Union and the Community
Francesco Rossolillo
Federalism in the History of Thought Emery Reves
Maria Luisa Majocchi