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Table of Contents, Year XXVII, 1985



Number 2
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On the Hijacking of the “Achille Lauro”
The Federallist
Essays Towards a New Model of Federal Democracy
Francesco Rossolillo
Notes Unemployment, Money and Fiscal Policy within the EEC
Franco Praussello

Spaak II or Schuman II? The Implications of Article 82 of the Draft Treaty on European Union
Richard Corbett
  Processes of Integration in Latin America
Armando Toledano Laredo
Problems of Peace Jonathan Schell and the Problem of Nuclear Weapons
Antonio Longo
Federalist Action Appeal for the European Union
Movimento Federalista Europeo
Discussions Keynes and Federalism
Michel Herland


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Reflections on Gorbachev’s Plan
The Federalist
Essays European Union: Steps and Constitution
John Pinder
Notes Europe and the CMEA: towards a European Ostpolitik?
Guido Montani

The Treaty Establishing the European Union and the Legitimacy of Democratic Majority Decisions
Sergio Pistone
  Europe’s Role in financing International Development
Dario Velo
Problems of Peace The Proposals for Denuclearisation. A Road towards Peace?
Nicoletta Mosconi
Federalist Action Towards a Federal European Economy: Monetary Union
Alfonso Jozzo
Federalism in The History of Thought Immanuel Kant
The Federalist


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