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Table of Contents, Year XXXI, 1989

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Editorial The Meaning of the European Referendum in Italy
The Federalist
Essays Federalism and the Great Ideologies
Francesco Rossolillo

German Reunification and European Unity. Twelve Theses
Gerard Eickorn


On the Jenninger Case
Luigi V. Majocchi

Third World Debt and a Renewal of the World's Economy and Politica Order
Franco Praussello

Political Aspects of the Ecological Emergency
Franco Spoltore

Federalism in the History of Thought

Giovanni Agnelli-Attilio Cabiati
Luisa Trumellini


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Perestrojka and Communism
The Federalist

Essays Federalism in Britain and Italy. Radicals and the English Liberal Tradition
John Pinder

A Historical Precedent of Great Importance
Luigi V. Majocchi

Federalist Action

Theses for the 14th MFE Congress
Mario Albertini

Thirty Years Ago
Technical Analysis of the Struggle for Europe
Mario Albertini
Federalism in the History of Thought John Robert Seeley
Luigi V. Majocchi


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Editorial Europe and the World after 1989
The Federalist
Essays Robert Triffin and the Economic Problem of the 20th Century
Lucio Levi

Territory Planning and Ecology. What Institutions?
Nicoletta Mosconi


The Rouble, the Transferable Rouble, the Ecu and the International Monetary System
Dmitry Smyslov 


US Histeria and Euroysteria
Ira L. Straus


Many German States under a European Roof
Sergio Pistone

Federalist Action

Draft Document on the Security and Foreign Policy of the European Union
Sergio Pistone


From the EEC to European Union: a Necessary Institutional Reformf
Antonio Padoa Schioppa



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