Pre-prints Year LXIII (2021)


Unlike the Italian version of the review Il Federalista, which comes out three times a year, The Federalist (English language version) is published as a single annual volume at the end of each year. It is sent to subscribers by the end of the February of the following year. However, some of the articles included in the English edition are published ahead of print on-line.

Single issue

The Tragedy of Afghanistan
The Federalist


The Ventotene Manifesto and the Birth of the Movimento Federalista Europeo within the Italian Resistance
Sergio Pistone


80 Years of the Ventotene Manifesto and the Future of Europe
Josep Borrell


Abolishing the Power of Veto
Voting System Reform in the Council and European Council

Giulia Rossolillo


Reform of the European Union: from European Union to Federal Union
Paolo Ponzano

Thirty Years Ago

History Will not Wait for Europe
Mario Albertini