political revue


Table of Contents, Year XXIX, 1987

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Editorial Our Work for Federalism
The Federalist
Essays The Baruch Plan as a Precedent for Disarmament and World Federal Government
Joseph Preston Baratta

Federalism and Linguistic Behaviour
Francesco Rossolillo


Europe and the Energy Question after Chernobyl
Guido Montani

What Are we Heading for?
Nicoletta Mosconi

Jane Jacobs’ Home Remedies
Franco Spoltore

Problems of Peace

Mario Albertini


Reykjavik. A Judgment against the National States of Europe
Ira Straus

Federalism in the History of Thought

Clarence Streit
Luigi V. Majocchi


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Editorial Two Possibilities for European Defence
The Federalist
Essays Recent Developments in Federalist Theory
Lucio Levi

Towards World Unity of the Federalists
Jean-Francis Billion

Problems of Peace

Europe and the World
Sergio Pistone

Federalism in the History of Thought African Federalism
Fall Cheikh Bamba


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Editorial The Gulf War
The Federalist
Essays German Federalism against European Unification?
Claus Schöndube

Reflections on American Raison d’Etat and Euro-American Relationships
Guido Montani


The Congress of the World Federalist Movement
Richard Corbett


Why the Single Act Is Insufficient
Richard Corbett

Federalist Action Considerations Preliminary to a Reflection on Federalist Strategy
Francesco Rossolillo
Federalism in the History of Thought Luigi Einaudi
Giovanni Vigo