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Table of Contents, Year XLI, 1999



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Editorial The Decisive Battle
The Federalist
Essays Luigi Sturzo: From Autonomism to Federalism
Rodolfo Gargano

The Scientific Revolution and the Internet
Franco Spoltore

Reflections on Totalitarianism
Luisa Trumellini


On the Subject of World Citizenship
Nicoletta Mosconi

Federalism in the History of Thought

Giuseppe Mazzini
Andrea Chiti-Batelli


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Editorial Europe and the War in Kosovo
The Federalist
Essays European Federation and World Federation
Francesco Rossolillo

Europe, Turkey and the Kurds
Francesco Rossolillo

The Financial Crisis of the United Nations and the Federalists
Jean-Francis Billion

Thirty Years Ago
The Power Aspects of European Planning
Mario Albertini


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Editorial How Europe Can Help the United States
The Federalist
Essays The Unification of the World as a Project and a Process. The Role of Europe
Lucio Levi

Towards the Reform of the EU Financial Consitution
Dieter Biehl

Germany and the "Past that Will not Go Away"
Francesco Rossolillo


The USA and the New International Anarchy
Franco Spoltore



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