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Table of Contents, Year XXXIV, 1992



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Federalism and Regionalism

The Federalist


The Security Policy of the European Union

Sergio Pistone


United Nations and the New World Order

Satish Kumar

Some Considerations on the Strategy for Achieving European Federation

Nicoletta Mosconi

Federalsit Action

Political Report at the 15th Congress of the Union of European Federalists

Francesco Rossolillo

Thirty Years Ago

Message of Mikhail Gorbacev to the Participants in the 15th Congress of the Union of European Federalists

Federalism in the History of Thought

Karl Jaspers

Prefaced and edited by Nicoletta Mosconi



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From Common Rules to a World Environmental Government

The Federalist


Federalism and Ecology in the New Stage of the Historical Process

Franco Spoltore

From Discord to Accord

Hilary F. French

The European Community’s Proposal for a Carbon Tax

Alberto Majocchi


The Democratic Basis of Global Housekeeping

Charlotte Waterlow

Mobilising the Public at the World Level

Roberto Palea

A World Authority for the Environment

Jerry Bourgeois


Towards the Overcoming of Absolute National Sovereignty

Guy Marchand

International Economy, Poverty and Desertification

Pape Amadou Sow


Protection for Every Person and Nature under World Law

Paul W. Clark


A Global System of Environmental Protection

Roy Breivik


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