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Table of Contents, Year XLV, 2003



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Editorial The Road to Peace
Essays The Debate over the European Constituent Assembly: A Story of Drafts, Desires and Disappointments
Daniela Preda

Note on Political Behaviour and Militant Federalism
Guido Montani

What Core?
Francesco Rossolillo


Confronting Power: an Imperative for Federalists
Nicoletta Mosconi


The Panama Congress: a Failed Attempt at Latin America Union
Stefano Spoltore

Thirty Years Ago

Political Declaration
(Adopted by the 1st Congress of the UEF in Bruxelles on 13-15 April 1973)



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Editorial For a Federal Pact Among Europe’s Founder Member States
Essays The Course of History
Mario Albertini

The "Benevolent Empire" and Europe
Corrado Magherini

Only the Truth is Revolutionary
Nicoletta Mosconi

Federalism in the History of Thought

Charles Lemonnier
The United States of Europe

Franco Spoltore



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Editorial The Return of Protectionism and Europe’s Responsibility
Essays The Battle for Europe. The Example and Ideas of Mario Albertini
Giovanni Vigo

Altiero Spinelli Speech at First UEF Congress

Constituent Strategy and Constitutional Gradualism
Nicoletta Mosconi


China's Successes and the Illusions of Europe
Franco Spoltore


Islam and the Idea of Nation
Stefano Spoltore


The Division of the European Union
Luisa Trumellini


Two Letters from Federalist Friends Wishing to Respond to Articles Appearing in the Last Issue of The Federalist
Guido Bersellini, Alfredo Viterbo


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